I am thinking of selling my boat, what do I need to do?

Contact us by e-mail, phone or fill in the contact form on this page. We can arrange our boat valuer to give you a call to discuss things further.

Your valuer has seen my boat and I am happy with the valuation provided, what happens next?

a) You will be sent a Vendor Agreement pack and a Boat Details form to complete, as you are the owner you know your boat and all its equipment best.

b) You will need to have proof of ownership, i.e. Bill of sale/invoice for the boat.

c) A copy of your current boat safety certificate and insurance for the boat. If you cannot find your ‘bill of sale’ or ‘invoice’, you can complete a  ‘Declaration of Ownership’ document.

d) We will also require photo ID (Passport or driving licence) and a utility bill with your current home address on.

Can I sell my boat from its original moorings

Yes, you can, however depending on where your mooring is, it may be prudent to move mooring location to where visitor foot fall is greater and easier for customers to see it.

Do I have to have my boat insured when it is for sale at your marina?

Yes, you must make sure your boat is insured whist on sale at our marina, as it is still your property.

Do I have to have a canal and River Trust license on my boat whilst it is for sale?

Yes, but if your licence is due to expire, we can provide a Trade Plate which will cover your boat until we sell it. There is a cost associated but it would be cheaper long term.

Can I use my boat whilst it is for sale at the marina?

We hope you would visit from time to time to check on your boat and to keep it clean, tidy, and dressed nicely (as a show home) this will help to sell your boat quicker. We wouldn’t want to miss any opportunity of showing customers onboard. So the short answer is no.

I don't want to sell everything in boat, can I leave it there until it is sold?

We ask you to take all your personal belongings from the craft that you wish to keep, so that everything left on the boat is included in the sale. It is best to leave the boat uncluttered and nicely dressed, because what is your choice is not always a potential purchaser’s choice, and they may well be put off purchasing the boat altogether. Simple things like put toilet cleaner washing up liquids out of sight, not too much on your galley worktop, keep things simple and surfaces clean and clear is the best advice.

What happens if my boat does not sell?

We have a No Sale – No Fee policy. If your boat does not sell there is no charge.

What happens when someone wants to buy my boat?

We will contact you about the offer, offering advice on if we think it is acceptable and fair. If you accept the offer, we will send paperwork for you to sign and get a contract to the purchaser to sign. After which it all depends on a survey as to how long it takes to complete the sale. We will keep you updated throughout the process.

What happens to my money if you go bust or cease trading?

Your money is held in a client’s account managed by Santander Bank, used only for deposits and balance payments. This account is not part of our everyday business so its secure if anything happens.